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 There are only two lasting bequests we give to our children - one is roots, the other wings.     -Hodding S.Carter


O'Sheal - O'Shields


In my direct line, you will often find O'Shields and O'Sheal. Regardless of the spelling, rest assured that you are related. Many members of this family spelled the name differently in their own lifetime.

View The Ancient History of the Distinguished Surname O'Shields in pdf format... Here    (English Version)


OShields Coat of Arms 


The O'Shields Coat of Arms:  A blue shield with a silver chevron charged with a green trefoil between three doves close, proper.  (English version) 

The Crest:  A dove holding an olive branch, proper.  
The Ancient Family Motto: Vincit qui patitur 
Motto Translation: He conquers who endures 

Shields name meaning:

Irish: reduced form of O’Shields, an alternative Anglicized form of Gaelic  


Ó Siadhail 

‘descendant of Siadhal’.
This family has been traced into London England, so I wanted to display the English Version of our Coat of Arms and Name in History. However, our DNA halotypes match that of Shields families traced further back into Ireland. We also know of a silver tumbler, lost by our ancestor Major David O'Sheals, with the family crest described in what seems to be the Irish version.
I may display the Irish version at a later time.  In the meantime, you can read about Major David O'Sheal and his silver tumbler, as posted in the Virginia Gazette, at the following web address: